Discover The Proven Strategies That Businesses Are Using On
LinkedIn To Position Themselves As An Authority, Generate More Leads
And Grow Sales!

LinkedIn is the world’s largest audience of active, influential
professionals with over 480 million
members worldwide!

But most people just don’t know how to use it effectively! The question I get asked more than any other by frustrated business owners about LinkedIn is...

“How Do I Use It???”

It can be daunting trying to learn LinkedIn without any guidance. People are afraid of making a mistake; potentially ruining opportunities of doing business with connections or are just unsure of the etiquette.

LinkedIn Sales Formula will show you EXACTLY how to reach your ideal prospects EASILY and ELEGANTLY. You will learn what you need to do STEP-BY-STEP to generate more leads and sales and ultimately, results for your business!





According to Hubspot, traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher (277%) than both Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%)

There is a different INTENTION when people visit LinkedIn
compared to Facebook. On Facebook, user’s intention is social first
and foremost, on LinkedIn the intention is a BUSINESS mindset.


People join LinkedIn to highlight their career and expertise, discover content
and information that will improve their professional lives and to search for
services and clients.

LinkedIn can be a massive time suck if you don’t have a clear strategy
It can be the greatest marketing tool for your business, if you know what you’re doing!

Imagine if you could easily get more quality, targeted connections, leads and
paying customers with simple LinkedIn marketing strategies.

What would it feel like to open up your LinkedIn Messages and see lead after
lead for you to follow up with every single day?

The good news is, it’s not rocket-science!

It’s actually quite easy!

It’s just that, right now, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Julie's LinkedIn training was amazing! She has fully equipped me with the tactics and tools necessary for marketing myself and building my authority on LinkedIn. But not only did she provide me with LinkedIn training, she was also able to show me how to put myself firmly in the path I wanted to take with my business. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you're considering doing one of her courses, DO IT! You won't regret it.

Emily Read - SEO Copywriter

It’s time to stop struggling with your LinkedIn marketing and get laser-focused
on building your business the right way!

When you understand how to use LinkedIn the right way for your business,
you can quickly and easily create the right content that sells, broaden your
brand’s visibility, drive more traffic to your website and generate more sales.



When I came across LinkedIn in 2009 I was ecstatic! I could see the power this
powerful platform gave me to reach out and connect with my ideal prospects
without having to go through numerous gatekeepers.

Having done over 15 years of door-to-door cold calling, I knew how difficult it
was to reach the decision-maker in order to build rapport, trust and
win the business.

And it wasn’t a bed of roses to start out with... I had to figure out the strategies
that actually generated consistent leads on LinkedIn.

But once I researched and tested everything with my own business I was able
to identify what actually works.

I developed a simple formula that creates a powerfully, magnetic profile as well as
a relationship strategy that generates consistent leads.

I personally use LinkedIn to market my services and drive tens of thousands of
dollars in sales and I’ve taught thousands of business owners how to
do the same!

Within just a few days my LinkedIn profile started to sky rocket and I started having exciting new prospects approaching me rather than the other way around.


Within a few weeks each of our team members began receiving quote requests and orders through LinkedIn. I can happily confirm that we well and truly paid for the cost of the training through the extra income we received within less than 4 weeks. This stuff really works!

Joe Caprara - Preston Formwork & Scaffolding




Follow my clear and concise plan to avoid overwhelm and gain incredible confidence in your LinkedIn marketing skills.

When you enroll, you’ll get instant access to my entire program (step-by-step videos, action sheets, templates and bonuses for the program) which includes:

Module 1 – Navigating Your Way Around LinkedIn Easily

  • Finding your way around this dynamic business networking site
  • Learn the secret sections of LinkedIn that you didn’t know existed
  • Know where to find and track your RESULTS

Module 2 – Creating A Powerful, Magnetic Profile

  • Writing an ATTENTION-GRABBING headline
  • How to write a Summary that SELLS
  • Showcase your expertise with your EXPERIENCE
  • Build your credibility with RECOMMENDATIONS
  • OPTIMIZE your profile for search results

Module 3 – Building A Powerful Network

  • Identifying your IDEAL PROSPECT
  • Invite your EXISTING clients
  • Social Stalking 101
  • Joining LinkedIn Groups
  • Message Templates That CONVERT
  • Managing Your LinkedIn relationships

Module 4 – Positioning YOU As An AUTHORITY

  • Different ways to post on LinkedIn
  • Posting with LEVERAGE
  • WHAT to post and WHEN
  • Creating a Content Calendar
  • Time-Saving TOOLS

Module 5 – Company Pages

  • Setting up a Company page
  • Showcase Pages
  • Gaining Followers
  • Company Page Analytics


You Will Have Access To



That Are Broken Down STEP-BY-STEP So You Can GENERATE MASSIVE LEADS For Your Business And Position Yourself As An AUTHORITY In Your Industry


The Stalker Strategy

The Influencer Strategy

The Group Strategy

The Events Strategy

The Global Domination Strategy



Every month for 12 months you can join me for a live video conference call where you can ask questions, get vital feedback and critiques, share your wins and successes and help improve your lead generation and sales results from LinkedIn.

We'll continue to support you after the event via an Online Forum where you can continue to ask questions, get advise and support form myself as well as others who are on a similar path to yourself.


Coaching Calls

Online Forum

Ready to start getting leads on LinkedIn?

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“Over $500,000 in sales through LinkedIn”

In the past 3 years we have generated over half a million dollars worth of revenue using a simple strategy Julie taught us...this course paid for itself and then some!

Andrea Blunden – Gretchen Operations

“Scored A Radio Show Within 24 Hours”

Just by using Julie’s strategies to update my headline, I was approached by CBS Radio within 24 hours to have my own radio show with a listening audience of up to 1.8 million!


Julie Lewin – Medical Intuitive

“Reconnected with the client via LinkedIn”

I have no hesitation in recommending Julie to any business owner. She is passionate about what she does. The reason I know this is because I am a passionate business owner. It takes one to know one!

I invested in Julie's LinkedIn training however, before this course I considered LinkedIn a gimmicky social media platform just like the rest.

Well, wasn't I wrong.

I recently met with a potential client who was quite sure about what he wanted, but when I left said " I'll get back to you with my details via email". I fell for one of the oldest mistakes in the book, I agreed! So my position of power was stripped because I was on his terms.

Several weeks passed and I was still kicking myself. Then I started LinkedIn training with Julie. The lightbulb went on and I connected with the client via LinkedIn. Guess what! It prompted him to re connect with me which led to a qualified $270k job.


Not only does LinkedIn help you connect with professionals it also helps you get leads and convert them, for FREE! Yes you will spend a little time on it but the result is ridiculously higher than old conventional lead generation.

And Julie is onto a good thing, I can tell you.


Richard Preston – Director, Preston & Sons Builders

As an organisational psychologist, my skills are around solving people problems. But, I was not very good at marketing. I undertook Julie's intensive training program in the use of social media and it helped me make a great leap forward! Julie gave me practical strategies that took the guesswork out of marketing. I now have a plan that works! Thanks so much Julie.


Judi Pears – Wyse Woman

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